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An Overview of Our Work

Autotoday - MSN Auto

Autotoday is a car and motoring news channel of the Finnish portal. Tekstiviestit Oy manages the news production of the Autotoday channel.

LRF Media

LRF Media is a Swedish publishing house, fully owned by The Federation of Swedish Farmers. It publishes a several magazines focusing on varying themes, including country lifestyle, home furnishing, dogs, horses, hunting and fishing, sailing, tractors etc.

Tekstiviestit Oy provides localized translations for three LRF magazines published in Finnish: Tractor Power, Toivekoti and Maalaisunelma.

Bonnier Publications International AS

We have taken part in the launching of the Finnish edition of two Bonnier magazines, Kotimikro (1997) and Digikuva (2004). For Digikuva, we were responsible for its localization until August 2006. Today we are regular contributors for both magazines.

National Consumer Administration of Finland

Localization of international product tests for the consumer magazine Kuluttaja; also articles about various technology issues. There are no advertisements in the Kuluttaja, and it is well respected for the objectivity of its content.

Old and New Customers

ABB, Business Finland, Canon, Compaq Computer, Digital Equipment Corporation, Finnoffice, FINTRA, Hufvudstadsbladet, University of Helsinki, Helsinki Media, HiFi, IBM, ICL Data, Kauppalehti, Koti-PC, Lotus Finland, MacMaailma, MikroBitti, MikroPC, Nokia, Outokumpu, Palontorjunta-Brandvärn, Progress Software, Prosessori, S Group / Yhteishyvä, Sofor Oy, Software AG, Suomen tietotoimisto STT, The Finnish Fair Corporation, University of Tampere, Tandem Finland, Tecnopress, Tekes, Tekniikan Maailma, Tietokone, Tietoviikko, University of Turku, Tuulilasi,WACO Finland, Vanda stad, Ventura Club of Finland, WWF, Xerox.