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Clas von Bell

Don't let my Swedish-Scottish name confuse you: I'm a Finn. To be more specific, I belong to the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland. My ancestors left Scotland in the 17th century to serve in various continental armies and settled in Finland in the 19th century. As a technical writer, I’m glad they chose Finland because it is and has been at the forefront of many technological developments such as telephony, mobile telephony, the Internet, the information society, anti-virus programs and research, ultralow temperature physics, and brain research, to name but a few.

Even though I'm trained as a computer programmer, my career in that field lasted only five months in the 1970's. After some years in the computer business, I was hired onto the editorial staff of the Finnish computer monthly Tietokone. In 1989, I left the managing editor's desk and joined Tekstiviestit OY as editor and partner.

I really like the way we work here at Tekstiviestit OY. It's real teamwork – we pass our texts back and forth many times for comments, editing, and rewriting. As a result, almost all of the articles we write are signed by both of us staff members here at Tekstiviestit OY.

Once a colleague asked, "How can two men write one article?"

Nowadays we could ask, "How can only one person write an article?"